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Create Communication That Converts Sales, With Anthony Garcia

The extreme mistakes salespeople make today



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Works primarily with service-based salespeople and entrepreneurs.
  • He knows sales, business, and human psychology.
  • Sold Cutco knives for six years.

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  • Go make sales and have fun with it.
  • I was just trying to win the day, the hour, the next call, the afternoon.
  • Found out he was having a baby and looked for a job with benefits.
  • He was told his Cutco sales experience didn't translate to medical sales.
  • Tweaked the sales process at his new company and hit President's Club three years in a row.
  • Got recruited into medical device sales.
  • Pharmaceutical sales reps are Panera deliverers.
  • He was "married to Marriott."


Join The Club

  • It has only been twelve months since he went out on his own.
  • What is the problem you're good at solving?
  • How do you monetize that?
  • What do your prospects think their problems are?
You'll bounce back."
  • Nobody wanted sales training.
  • They were open to growing their businesses.
  • Do you want more leads and more sales? Yes!
  • He undercharged his first few clients.
  • He now has tiers.
  • His current middle tier was his previous high tier.
  • His executive assistant was his first hire.
  • Most are remote.
  • Outbound, paid ads, and networking.
  • Running paid ads on social media and Google Native Ads for nurturing.
    • If he wants to target an industry in a city, he'll use Google.
    • Then he'll run ads driving to YouTube.
    • Then SDRs will reach out.
  • Sales mistakes people make today are on the extreme:
    • They're too aggressive, or...
    • They are too nice.


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Which CRM Is Right For You?


  • "I'm always the backup sales trainer."
  • The cookie-cutter sales training doesn't work.
  • Sales training is not an event.
  • Founder-led sales teams.
  • Communication that converts.

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