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Be Yourself To Make More Sales, With Andrew Paul

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | Jun 20, 2019 9:07:49 AM

Be More Human To Make More Sales 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Learn a better way to sell than "Talk louder, talk faster...see if that helps."
  • Salespeople seem more isolated than ever
  • SDRs have thankless jobs with no discernible future
  • Sales has always been tough
  • Jerry Seinfeld's father was in sales and told stories about the tough prospects
  • Get good at teasing people...find something on their desk, on their wall and poke at it nicely
  • Be yourself. Be unique. It's okay. Scripts are great...in context.
  • "Blade PC Guru"
  • If you sound like your competitors you'll be pigeon-holed
  • Sellers are managed on soulless activities
  • It's all about compliance and it sucks
  • Make salespeople make their own cold calls

Eat Better, Sell More

  • Develop your people
  • Give them freedom to adapt and modify
  • "If experience is your only teacher, you have a fool for your teacher." ~Benjamin Franklin
  • Sales is still all about people
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  • By writing you teach yourself
  • Be interested rather than interesting
  • Listen slowly
  • Pause before you respond

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

The Reassuringly Expensive, Ruthlessly Pragmatic pig-headed entrepreneur dedicated to discovering proven, transferable, effective tools for creating inbound sales so he can help you automate, integrate, and dominate your niche.

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