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Allyn Reid Didn't Know She Was Poor...and Isn't

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | July 03

Follow your intuition to stop "maintaining" and reach your potential

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Co-founder of Secret Knock (Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine calls it a must-attend event)
    • Games
    • Unique speakers
    • "Sonny and Cher variety show"
  • Co-founder of Sherpa Press
  • Come from a long line of entrepreneurs and people who had to create their lives without a blueprint
  • Her parents are from a rural part of The Philippines where they didn't have a lot of help
  • If it doesn't bring you joy you probably shouldn't do it
  • Follow your inner compass
  • Her family moved here when she was 10 and her mom was a single mom with $10 to their name
  • America is still the land of opportunity
  • Six of them lived in a small room until she was 17 and her mom got on her feet
  • Her grandmother was a shoe merchant who raised 10 siblings and six kids of her own and always wanted to come to America
  • "I have it good. We don't get hit by typhoons. We have electricity. We have structure. I had to honor my grandmother."
  • Remember that you are part of a bigger picture so play big
  • She didn't have mentors or other help
  • Whatever you fight gets stronger so she didn't fight the fear and despair, she felt it and traced it
  • Don't fall into the self-judgement
  • What happens in your head is much worse than the actual experience
  • Failure doesn't mean you're off course. It's part of the course.
  • She was isolated as as kid in The Philippines and she  didn't buy into the stories of others.
  • "I didn't know I was poor."
  • Her aunt paid for her and her siblings to go to a nice school.
  • Her mom wouldn't let her socialize with her friends until they were leaving and she saw how wealthy they all were.
  • Growth is awesome
  • Most people don't realize they're in the "maintenance phase"
  • We're infinite beings and can create anything
  • Had two jobs in college and three during breaks (she'd work all night)
  • One offered her a job but she couldn't do it once it was an obligation and full time so she left after a year
  • She knew she was "incubating"
  • People communicate louder with what they don't say
  • She loves amplifying people
  • She's a big reader (used to read up to 1,200 books a year...now just maybe 100 per year)
  • This lead to Sherpa Press
  • She listens to her intution
  • A lot of "how-tos" will work but listen to your intuition
  • Conferences are like playing the slots. Once you're on a winning streak...STOP!
  • We're spiritual beings in a material world

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