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Look Good With Your Shirt Off, Meet Healthy Entrepreneur Alex Feinberg

Alex Feinberg



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Move more, eat less is not always the right answer to look good with your shirt off
  • It's hard to unlearn some of the dietary habits we've created.
  • Learned this while working a sales job in Silicon Valley for Google, and he ate better, moved less, and got in great shape.
  • Former minor league baseball player.
  • Understood fitness benefits but followed a lot of old, bad ideas.
  • We burn more calories outside the gym than in the gym.

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  • Get the big things right, and you'll have better results.
  • It's confusing how to eat right with all the b.s. out there.
  • Elite athletes train to be fast, and they end up ripped.
  • Prospects are always buying you.
  • We judge one another based on the metrics we're good at.
  • Look good, speak well, show up on time.
  • It's not "eat what you want," but it is "track what you eat."
  • Calories have only been on food labels for about 50 years.
  • Don't go hungry.
  • You'll relapse if you starve yourself.
  • Wait until you're hungry to eat.
  • "I'll eat now so I won't be hungry later" is wrong.


Join The Club


  • Eat protein-dominant, real food only when you're hungry, and you're on a good track.
  • Make the largest portion of real estate on your plate animal protein.
  • Our environment is killing our hormones.
  • Our endocrine systems are in bad shape.
Make the largest portion of real estate on your plate animal protein."

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