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Remove Friction In Your Buying Process With Aleks Gollu

Create immediate human connections



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • MIT and Berkeley
  • Ph.D. in EECS (Electrical engineering and Computer science)
  • Became an entrepreneur
  • Created companies in the cloud
  • If you want venture funding, you must be able to articulate the big problem you solve.
  • You're looking for a business problem that is good to solve and that you can solve profitably.
  • Your team needs an unfair advantage because others have seen the problem, too.

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  • He first wanted to create a startup and not screw it up.
  • Then he wanted to make money for all investors.
  • Now he wants to make a lot of money for everyone.
  • You need to be driven in a startup.
  • Build the culture intentionally, or it will build itself.
  • Does company on-site meetings now vs. off-site meetings.
  • He'll travel to meet with remote team members.
  • Originally hire people who see the vision.
  • Did SMS, then IoT, and now video.
  • Before COVID, he saw the value of video.
  • We hate chatting with AI bots.
  • Scheduling is often a pain.
  • For legitimacy and trust, we want to talk to a person.

Join The Club

  • Friction at the top of the funnel is no good.
  • Make connections with one click.
  • Prospects can call with a single click and no downloads.
  • They get the option to schedule a call or do an immediate call.
  • 60% choose a live video call.
  • HubSpot integration, scripting, call intelligence, notes go into the CRM.
  • You need to serve your customers and make their lives easy.
  • In 10-20 years, AI chatbots will get there.
60% of prospects select the immediate video call option."
  • In the end, we all need human contact.
  • Technology will get there eventually.
  • We need instant-connectivity options.
  • The size of the check dictates the need to meet in person.
  • Cut to the chase with his offer, and in 15 minutes and save yourself hours.


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  • His goal is to grow as big as possible, so he's focused on adding value, and he is his first customer.
  • The destination matters, but so does the journey, so enjoy the journey.

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  • Guest LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksgollu/


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