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Sales Training Testimonial From Adam Pflaumer

Happy sales training client of Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, Adam Pflaumer"Wes, I wanted to thank you for the instruction and more importantly for the results that you have helped me obtain.

"I have to admit that I was fairly skeptical prior to enrolling in your class.

"I had spent over 10 years as a sales manager worked my way up to become the president of a sales organization so I didn’t think I needed your class.

"Wow, was I wrong.

"After stepping out with my own company, with what I considered to be a no-brainer value proposition, I was struggling to provide services that literally costs nothing to use and can only result in a desirable outcome.

"I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in your class.

"I am glad I did.

"Since then I have completely changed the way I approach sales. I went from performing free services, just to get a reference, to having the luxury of selecting only the committed customers that I would be willing to work with.

"I have been through other sales training classes, but I can safely say yours is the best.

"You provide specific actionable advice for my specific business and it has worked. The least I can do is thank you.

"Please do me a favor and email this to your clients and prospective clients.

"I would really like you to consider me as a reference for your sales class. If anyone doubts that your class won’t improve their performance, have them call me."
Adam Pflaumer, Owner, EP Consulting, Temecula, CA 

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