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ActiveCampaign CRM Is on The CRM Sushi Podcast #4

"Finally, marketing automation that's powerful and easy-to-use."

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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • 3 core elements
    1. Email Marketing
    2. Automation - sequences that segment off of workflows
    3. Deals / CRM
  • Segment on engagement, on source, etc.
  • Each Contact has its own page along with the history of engagement.
  • Segment by job title, actions taken, actions not taken,…
  • Most platforms are list-based while ActiveCampaign lets you segment on anything.
  • Send based on standard blasts, dates, RSS, split testing, auto responders, and automated sequences.
  • Pre-built templates, drag and drop, all mobile responsive, hide sections on mobile devices (i.e. for longer content).
  • No limits on custom fields or Tags.
  • Video snippet.
  • Social snippet that links to you or lets them share.
  • Track opens, clicks, replies, and Google Analytics.
  • Automation is the power.
  • “Recipes” are pre-built complete sequences.
  • Their start triggers are vast and flexible such as
    • Web page is visited
    • Subscribes
    • Unsubscribes
    • Field changes
    • Enters a pipeline
    • Deal stage changes…21 in total.
  • Send email, site message, SMS, Notify someone internally
  • A little Javascript code (WordPress plugin) for the site message.
    • Slide in, appear, etc.
    • Maybe they don’t open your emails but they’re on your site often.
  • Conditions and Workflows.
    • Wait
    • If / Else
    • Split (Even split [by number or date] or conditional)
    • Go to
    • Goal (the ultimate conversion)
    • Start an automation
    • End this automation
    • End other automation,
    • Webhook
  • Deals - ConBon style like Trello
  • Stages
  • Multiple pipelines for different groups within the company such as course progress, customer service
  • Can be used like a project management tool.
  • SMS is built-in with Twillio.
    • Enterprise gives 1,000/mo.
    • Just sends SMS.
  • Open API to integrate with other tools as well as Zapier.
  • Event Tracking.
  • A bit more technical but powerful.
  • Elegant and flexible forms:
    • Inline
    • Floating Bar
    • Floating Box
    • Modal.
    • Drag and Drop.
    • WordPress plugin
    • Embed
    • Link
    • WordPress
    • Facebook
  • Drag and drop dashboard.
  • Wonderful Chrome Extension for Gmail. 
  • Reports:
    • All messages
    • Automations
    • Goals
    • Open/Read Trends
    • Email Client Trends
    • Deals
  • Great for solopreneurs and the SMB space.
  • The company is growing > 82 employees.

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