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There's Still Time To Achieve Your Marketing Goals in 2022

Although I found it hard to say goodbye to Christmas, I welcome the end of winter and the beginning of spring for its gift of hope and optimism when it pertains to goal achievement.

I know that the spring is a great chance to revisit New Year’s resolutions to see how I did in the first quarter of the new year so I can make adjustments to hit my goals throughout the year.

If you’re like most business owners, you hoped to gain more visibility in 2020 and 2021, but our idiots in government had a different plan for you and me with their tyrannical lockdowns with COVID as the excuse. (But I digress.)

However, maybe you were able to "pivot" and grow in the "new normal." I hope so.

But even if you didn't accomplish as much as you’d planned the last year, it’s never too late to make serious headway toward the goals that matter to you.

All too soon Spring Break then summer break will blur our business focus.

Before that happens, here’s how you can make the most of the beginning of 2022:

1. Use the wide-open new year unfolding before you to your advantage.

The realization that last year is gone and it's a brand new year can unleash a powerful wave of energy for taking action.

For example, if you’ve been hesitating over how to approach a new contact about a joint venture, tap into the energy and optimism of these early new year months.

If you stall now, you’ll lose your chance to forge a new relationship and momentum in 2022.

So grab this short-lived moment before positive pressure gives way to the year-end scramble that can overrule your ability to think clearly and take serene action.

2. Ask yourself: what am I burning to get done before 2022 slips away?

Don’t beat yourself up for time lost last year.

Instead, resolve to roll into 2022 with a concrete marker of your progress.

Spend some quiet time reflecting on which actions you can take now that will lift your spirits and launch a strong start into next year.

If you dream of offering an eight-week online workshop, for example, why not start with a free teleclass teaser and/or paid month-long seminar to test your material?

3. View this as an experiment in taking thoughtful risks.

Test now; expand in 2022 and into 2023.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s never a bad idea to roll out samples and take in feedback before you plunk your heart and hard work into an offer that doesn’t sell.

That free teleclass I mentioned could help you confirm whether you’ve read your market right, and clients really will invest in a two-month training extravaganza.

4. Don’t discount the small stuff.

The sheer size of big goals can excite us at first but prove intimidating when it’s time to act.

For example, did you vow to launch a new blog or podcast or video channel back in January?

If you’re still mulling over topic ideas, why not start with a single 300-word post?

To help you picture what I mean, if you format a Microsoft Word document with one-inch margins and 12-point type in Times New Roman, your 300 words will fill up about half of one page.

Don’t laugh or look down on such a seemingly lame step.

One blog post might not ignite the world, but it might ignite your world.

It might free you from the monotony of holding back and propel you into the momentum of putting yourself out there.

And that could send you blazing into a bright 2022.

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