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Close More Leads Faster With Text Messaging, Aaron Weiche, Founder

Find The Gaps and Fill Them



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Co-founder and CEO at Leadferno 
  • He's a starter
  • Self-taught himself how to build a website
  • Microsoft Front Page
  • Moved into SaaS development 8-9 years ago
  • There are lots of gaps as you grow that you must find and fill
  • Requires self-awareness

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  • Are you willing to get burned and recover and rebuild?
  • Digital helps him be creative and express himself
  • You can build and fail fast and start over quickly with digital
  • Leadferno focuses on SMS
  • He's all about conversions, which means having conversations with web visitors
  • Offer your customers multiple channels to communicate with you
  • Funnels and lead capture can be crazy
  • The power of choice is huge
  • His goal is to help you start a conversation

Join The Club

  • He's seeing people are more resilient now after getting tossed around during COVID
  • They know they must be connected to their customers
  • Content creation is hard, especially for small businesses
  • He likes to write longer form content
The power of choice is huge. Give your customers options."


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