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7 Steps To Infusionsoft Success #1: The Infusionsoft Tutorial Series

"Infusionsoft" is a big beast, and that's a good thing. (That's why I wrote theInfusionsoft book, to help you tame the beast!)

It takes a big beast to slay a big beast.

The big beasts you must slay to create a successful, profitable, scalable business follow a five part ecosystem I call the ABCDE Sales and Marketing System™ and it looks like this:

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Now to keep things we can break those five steps down to their two core components: Sales Automation and Marketing Automation.
  • Marketing automation:
    • Lead capture.
    • Lead nurturing.
    • Partner/Affiliate/Joint Venture recruitment and nurturing.
  • Sales automation in the form of:
    • Lead conversion.
    • Product/Service delivery.
    • "WOW" creation.
    • Up-sell creation.
    • Cross-sell creation.
    • Referral gathering.
    • Testimonial gathering.
    • Partner/Affiliate/Joint Venture education, motivation and retention.

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This is why the #1 Infusionsoft Success tip is on two sides of the same coin:

  • Know your current workflow.
  • Know your desired workflow.

Map Out Your Infusionsoft Process Before Login

Far too often I hear people say stuff like

Infusionsoft is hard! Infusionsoft is confusing! Why is Infusionsoft so complicated?"

Every time I hear that I ask myself if the designers and engineers at Apple ever say

Designing such cool iPhones is hard! Building such cool iPads is hard! Writing code that is safe is so complicated!"

You're building a business that people love and you want to automate huge portions of it and you think you can flip a switch and overnight your $299/mo software replaces two to three of your staff and three to five additional software subscriptions you've been juggling for years?


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Which brings me to two other sides of the coin when I'm explaining how to create success with Infusionsoft, which are

  • Keep It Simple, Stupid, a.k.a. The KISS Principle
  • Embrace Complexity, a.k.a. The Dan Kennedy Principle

"But, Wes...those two ideas are in conflict. Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

Yes, I'm feeling fine. Thank you for your concern.

While a true fact cannot be countered by a true fact, a profound truth is often countered by another profound truth. (Niels Bohr)

You want the running of your business to be as simple as possible, like McDonald's, which is run by pimply-faced, hormone-raging teenagers that turn over 300% a year.

However, the systems that have been developed to recruit, hire, on-board and train them and get them throwing chemically-altered substances some call food out the window faster than you can second-guess your decision to supersize it is quite complex, intricate, detail-oriented and leaves nothing to chance.

That's why they're #1 in their industry.

But what's bigger is the thinking that you must do to map out your entire sales and marketing process on paper so you know what the heck it is you want automated.


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So whether you are new to Infusionsoft or a long-time user and just need to get more out of it, or you are considering Infusionsoft and you're doing your research, I implore you to peel back the covers on your own business, your own processes and compare them to your desired processes.

This can be tough, which is why I offer the insanely affordable Initial Process Assessment.

Software is easy once you know what you want it to do.

Knowing what you want it to do is what can be difficult.

Once you get this mapped out, though, the future is bright.

Enjoy the journey. It's a joy to walk it with you.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.

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