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11 Things We Can All Agree On At Thanksgiving

After this extended, drawn out, acrimonious election cycle, isn't it great to know there are things we can all agree on at Thanksgiving?

  1. Those little turkeys our kids make out of pine cones at school are still cool! (So are the turkeys they make out of paper plates.)

    Give thanks for your kids at Thanksgiving

  2. Speaking of paper plates, kids under 18 (and snobby celebrities) should ONLY eat Thanksgiving off of paper plates (with those little plastic support thingies under them.)

    Things We Can All Agree On At Thanksgiving

  3. It's OK to let Fido eat "people food" this one day. (And baby can eat dog food!)


  4. Joggers that run on Thanksgiving day are just showing off.

    Things We Can All Agree On At Thanksgiving

  5. Grandpa WILL fall asleep on the couch. (Grandma probably will, too.)


  6. The TV CANNOT get loud enough for Grandpa. (And closed captions don't help because he can't see that far.)


  7. We all have a relative that requires us to put "the good Scotch" in a hidden location.

    We all have family and memories that make us shrug!

  8. The women will want to visit in the same room the men are watching the game.


  9. Someone will spill something on something else you wish they hadn't.


  10. You'll be told the next day that one of your visitors has a fever and is throwing up!


  11. The day will go by too fast.


Happy Thanksgiving from The Sales Whisperer® family to yours.

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We have a lot to be thankful for.

May God bless you, your family and the United States of America.

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