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"I would work with you any place, any time."

~Beatrice Briggs

You don't need any more information
about how to grow your sales.

You need to pull the trigger
and ride the bullet.

If you're not sure if you need
HubSpot, Infusionsoft,  Ontraport,
or ActiveCampaign, I can help you.

Do you need affordable sales training for yourself?
Follow that link.

Do you need to light a fire under the expanding-
rears of your sales team?

I have the blow torch ready. 

Do you need grizzled, direct,
proven consulting or coaching
so you pull  your head out of
the dark, stinky places it has been for far too long
and  finally get going
full speed on the path
you know you're meant for?

Click below.




Who/what is The Sales Whisperer®?

 wes schaeffer keynote speaker workshop-380692-1.5

Entrepreneur, author, copywriter, sales trainer, and consultant.

Air Force veteran, father of seven, blue-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Host of The Sales Podcast since 2013.

Host of The CRM Sushi Podcast since 2017.

HubSpot Gold & Infusionsoft Platinum Plus Partner.

International Sales Keynote speaker.

Lover of helping you find your spark and creating that "ah-ha" moment.

Does that sound like someone you'd like to work with?




Need ideas on where to begin growing your sales?


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Find the best CRM for your needs for sales enablement and inbound marketing.

Attend this free webinar on how to fix your follow-up failure and double your sales.

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