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Technology & Tools

These are The Most Recommended Technology & Tools for your day to day Sales Business

Get what you need for what you need. I have tried all of these tools and services, and I have benefited from them in one way or another. Try them out, let me know what you think and how it helped you automate your sales and be more successful.


A Customer / Contact Relationship Management (CRM) is the core of your inbound sales and marketing automation processes.


The granddaddy of inbound marketing. This is the platform I use to both host this website and automate my inbound marketing.


The CRM-ECommerce-Affiliate Marketing-Sales-&-Marketing Automation platform I bought in 2008 and launched my business with.


The affordable option for entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches who need to automate their lead generation and sell online.


The Social CRM created by the founder of the original CRM, Goldmine. This CRM lets you build your list in any browser and they've only just begun.

Active Campaign

Email marketing and marketing automation for small businesses who like the flexibility to design and adjust every component of thier CRMs.

Mobile Marketing

In today's world, users have access to information and the Internet in the palm of their hands. In fact, mobile devices account for most of the online traffic. Use Mobile Solutions to reach them.


I have created my mobile app that allows me to connect with other users, get their information, and stay connected. It's simple, effective and runs on both, Apple iOS and Android platforms.
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Online Marketing

I think this Online Marketing thing is here to stay. With that in mind, here are some of the tools I recommend to help you master it to grow your sales.


Make marketing funnels in minutes for any type of business without complex coding, website hosting issues, or a developer.


When you need to make great looking landing pages that convert and do them quickly and affordably, look no farther. 

Email Markerting

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Email is still king so you need to be in the inboxes of your clients and prospects regularly with great content. These Email Newsletters tools can help.


Easily create web-forms to gather new leads, segment your contacts, and send beautiful emails without the help of a designer.
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The granddaddy of email newsletters, ConstantContact has the support, the breadth, and the depth to help you get into inboxes around the world. 


It's hard to beat free, and MailChimp is the king of allowing you to send free emails. Flexible, mobile-responsive, easy-to-create emails for all.


The "new kids on the block" are giving the others a run for their money. If your list is not too big and you just need email as a professional blogger, this is it.

Web Hosting, Web Design, Chat

For your Inbound Marketing to exist, you need to have a website. For that you need a domain, hosting, templates, and more. Check these Web Publishing tools that make it happen.

Media Temple

Your money websites need secure, stable, fast hosting with great support. Their grid hosting is easy to use and manage and rocks for Wordpress sites. 


If you are just getting started with blogging or building a website and need affordable hosting, get BlueHost. Get a free domain and site builder with their hosting.


If you're on Wordpress, you need a good theme. ThriveThemes offers a wide selection of templates that are responsive, easy-to-use, and affordable.


See that box in the bottom right? That's powered by PureChat. I know these fine people and I love their software. It's so affordable it's almost criminal! 


Having great domains that are memorable is key to growing your business but they can add up. Get your domain names and great support at NameCheap.

Best E-Commerce Tools

The entire purpose of inbound marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, Direct Mail, etc. is to make a sale. If you can make the sale online you can maximize profits. Here are some E-commerce tools to help you do just that.


This E-Commerce platform allows you to set up a store front online. I like the fact that their solutions are not only for desktop users, but they have a pretty strong mobile soluton.

Connect4: Infusionsoft to Shopify

I've known the developer of this tool for years and he develops some great tools. If you use Infusionsoft and Shopify, this one-time payment code could help.

Revenue Conduit: Infusionsoft to Shopify

Daniel Kurt is also a friend of mine and he has developed a connection to Shopify for Infusionsoft and priced it on a monthly basis vs. a one-time payment.

Best Podcasting Tools

When it comes to content, you have to think outside of the box. It's not just about text. Podcasting allows you to reach massive audiences that are comfortable consuming content with their headphones on

Podcaster's Paradise

I've known John Lee Dumas for years and we've been guests on each other's podcasts. If you want to do podcasting right, welcome to paradise.

Call Recorder

I've recorded hundreds of podcasts on Skype using Call Recorder and I can't believe how affordable it is. If you're on a Mac, this is your tool.


Since 2013, all of my podcasts have been hosted on LibSyn. Their support is great, pricing, and metrics are easy to see, and so is their platform.

Best Small Business Growth Tools

Your website and landing pages and opt-in forms and content are all "front office" features. But your BackOffice is what keeps things running. 

FuseDesk: Infusionsoft Help Desk

Help your customer support team provide great service to your customers and keep it all in sync with your Infusionsoft account.


Since 2013, RingCentral has been my provider of my tool free number, digital fax, and office extensions. They also offer webinar software and more. 


I first met the founder of MeetingBurner in 2009 at an Infusionsoft Conference and started using them in 2011. Brian is giving GoToWebinar a run for their money. 

3D Mail Results

Remember what I said about "multi-media, multi-step" marketing? Keith Lee helps you get the attention of your customers with mail they can't help but open.

Earth Class Mail

You heard about Tim Ferris having all of his mail scanned, digitized, then destroyed so he could travel the world. This is how he does it.

Share a Sale

Need a sales team to drive sales but you only want to pay them AFTER they create that sale? You need Share a Sale, affiliate management software.
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Best Sales and Marketing Education

Your formal education is what got you a job—and probably in debt. Your continuing education is what will make you wealthy.


When I'm at the gym, in a plane, stuck in traffic I'm tuned in to "automobile university" through Audible.  
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Create Magnetic Marketing

Whatever industry or niche you're in, you're in the marketing business. Learn to attract customers like flies to honey with this signature program.
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Aside from the above tools, I have compiled a list of many other systems and technologies I have used to grow my business to a six-figure residuel income as well as a six-figure annual sales business. Do you want to See What's On My Toolbelt? Click below!

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