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Don't Get Scammed By Wendy Webbe Scam-Detective

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Wendy Webbe Scam Detective Is A Scam Artist,Avoid Wendy Webbe,Web Scam Wendy Webbe Scam Detective Is A Scam Artist.

What a Wonderful Wonderment To Be A Web Master and Marketing Maven With The Wooterificly Wowy, Nowy Name of Wendy Webbe!

What a misguided miscreant. (I love it when I can do this "internet marketing scams exposed" segment.)

He/she/it/sh*t is a savvy marketer. Too bad she's a Scam Artist sucking people into her lair under the guise of "protecting" information-seeking entrepreneurs on her Scam-Detective site, only to steer them to her own affiliate marketing sites and earning herself a nice commission.

I found out about her wicked ways last week when she beat up my friends at Infusionsoft so she could push a limited-functionality shopping cart, Premium Web Cart.

I'm all for affiliate marketing. It's a big part of my income. However, I'm all for doing it HONESTLY! Maybe it's a Southern thing. Maybe it's a religious thing. Maybe it's an Air Force Academy Honor Code thing I took way back in 1988. But that's how I roll.

It's also how Heather Vale Goss rolls in her write up on this same Wendy Webbe Scam-Detective person in her post back in January 2011, Ever Been Scammed by a “Scam Detective”?

The Web is still a bit of the Wild West. Surf carefully.

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